DJi Mavic Pro & Platinum Top Mount

This DJi Mavic Pro & Platinum Top mount clicks on the top of the drone without any further adhesives.

Its shape allows battery changes without removing the mount.

So far it was tested to fly perfectly with :

GoPro FusionInsta 360 ONE
Rylo 360Garmin Virb 360
Samsung Gear 360 (2016)Samsung Gear 360 (2016)
Richo Theta S & VXiami Mija 360
FY-Tech WG S2Go Pro 5&6 Hero & Session
Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 & S9iPhone 6,7,8 & X
FLiR One

Below are some shots of the Mavic Top Mount in action :

Below are videos of our users using the DJi Top Mount :

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