*** The product will be online again in a couple of hours ***

For the DJi FPV we have created a Top mount and a combined Top & Middle mount.

We are still experimenting on how the drone behaves to the different camera’s but as we had so many people asking for the mount we’ll make it available ASAP. Here’s how to mount it to the drone :

Here we are flying the DJi FPV with an Insta360 OneX2 in front :

Here we mounted a whole bunch of camera’s and LEDs to test stability:

We mounted :

  • Insta360 One X2
  • Insta360 One R
  • Insta360 Go
  • GoPro Hero
  • GoPro Max
  • GoPro Zeus Mini (LED)
  • … but it’ll take most camera’s under 400 grams

Some people asked if our mount didn’t block the air intake on top but as you can see here that’s fake and completely blocked from behind :

Here are a couple of our first experimental flights. More will follow :