I wanted to test how the distance between the (GoPro Fusion) camera and the Mavic Pro affects the amount of drone that remains in the image. I used a DJi Mavic 2 Pro here but it’ll be the same with the zoom or Mavic Pro or Platinum.

To mount the GoPro Fusion to the Mavic I used 5 different lengths :


Here’s what the Fusion footage looks like :

To connect the GoPro Fusion to the Mavic 2 I used our Mavic 2 bottom mount but it’ll work the same way if you use our Mavic 1 bottom mount. This was connected to our GoPro Selfie Stick and extended with our GoPro Extenders. If you move the camera further than a 10cm below the Mavic you’ll notice serious vibration so I used our double hinged mount to overcome that.

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  1. Hi, don’t you have problem flying with 3 or 4 extenders, with pendulum movement i’m afraid to loose control of the drone. And better without wind…

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