When your footage doesn’t have any ceiling or moving objects above it’s quite easy to mask out the drone. In Adobe Premiere just extract a frame (Ctrl+Shift+E) :


In Photoshop you open the exported frame and select ‘Distort > Polar Coordinates‘ :


This will turn the image from Rectangular to Polar and allow you to edit out the drone.


If you are lazy you can use the Healing Brush (J) but a Clone Stamp (S) does a better job.

Now we turn the picture back into Rectangular with ‘Distort > Polar Coordinates‘ :


Depending on how long your drone was and the amount of sky you have to remove select the area and feather it (I used 75 pixels here) :


If you now delete (Ctrl-X) that area you end up with a clean sky mask :


Save that as a .PNG (one of the formats that will keep the transparency in alpha) and drop it above your footage in Premiere to see the drone removed :


Here’s the result :

4 Replies to “Remove DJi Mavic 2 drone from Insta360 OneX footage …”

  1. Juste énorme !!!
    C’est pourtant si simple mais il fallait y penser… !!
    Le résultat est juste tellement beau !

    Merci Jean-Marie !!

    Just huge !!!
    It is so simple but you had to think about it … !!
    The result is just so beautiful!

    Thank you Jean-Marie !!

    1. Hi,

      That’s the idea of course.

      In Premiere you can flag that it’s a VR video on export.

      If that’s not possible you have to ‘inject’ the metadata to the file after export.

      Just Google ‘Inject 360 Metadata’, there’s a lot of info about it.

      I’m using the ‘Spatial Media Metadata Injector’ myself if a codec doesn’t allow it :


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